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politics news - 11.7.20

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Press Secretary of Vladimir Zelensky Yulia Mendel denied rumors that she is expecting a child from the President of Ukraine. Mendel urged users of social networks to carefully check "fakes" and the sources that distribute them.

"Every fake has its own name," the President's spokeswoman said during a video message on her Instagram page. "Channel 24 published an article with the names of top fake creators. Read, think and remember: You are what you consume. Especially when it comes to information. Respect others and most importantly - respect yourself, " - added Mendel, calling to get acquainted with the names of the authors of news fakes.

In the article mentioned by Mendel on the channel "24", it is said that rumors about her pregnancy from the Ukrainian President are false information and fakes.

So, the first rumors about her alleged "pregnancy" from Zelensky were spread by the founder of the political movement in support of Poroshenko " 25%", journalist Roman Revedzhuk. Also, the alleged affair between the President and his speaker was stated by ex-leader of the 5.10 party Gennady Balashov. According to him, such rumors are spread by the government quarter.

Recall that Zelensky's wife Elena only a week ago recovered from the coronavirus and was discharged from the hospital in Kiev. The President's wife feels well and is happy to be with her family again, the office of the President of Ukraine said in a statement. At the moment, Zelensky and his wife temporarily live in the state residence Koncha-Zaspa, which is popularly called "Yushchenko's dacha". The President of Ukraine and his family use the house N29 there, UNIAN reports.

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